Senior Fellows / Holy Void Split 7'

by Senior Fellows / Holy Void

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released December 8, 2015



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Wrong Ones Records Oklahoma

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Track Name: Senior Fellows - Bloody Shade of Burnt
Slow process. War is God.
Burn conscription. Scorched on flesh.
Obey and obligate. War is fate.
A need for boundaries. Paved with life.
Last resort of consequence. With order comes a price.
Brought conflict. Of untold wounds.
Aim with judgement. Without a doubt.
Such efforts directed. Near blockade.

In distress, I remain.
Track Name: Holy Void - Rat King
It's too late.
Absent of integrity.
They spill to the streets.
Don't worry you won't feel a thing.
Embrace the void.
A life spent comatose.
Welcoming death,
A fucking easy way out.
But now you are stuck here.
Conjoined with the rest.
A Circle of decay.
The vice takes hold.
The damage is done.
You all become one.
Death turns it back.
Now suffer.
Track Name: Holy Void - Prisoner
Shackled by faith.
Chained to the alter.
Chained to the cross.
My head is my cell.
A rat in a cage.
My reckoning.
Waiting in darkness.
Eternal suffering.
Eternal strife.
A mark on the wall.
Chapters of pain.
Written in blood.
Searching for answers.
Searching for hope.
A way out.
Who the fuck's in charge?
If you see him
Send him my way.
I've got nothing but time.